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Meet the Dark Alley Press authors

Annalisa Crawford author of Cat and the Dreamer

CS deWildt author of Candy & Cigarettes

Daniel DiStasio author of Facing The Furies

David Henry Sterry author of Mort Morte 

Geoff Hyatt author of Birch Hills at World’s End

J. S. Watts author of A Darker Moon

Joe Clifford author of Junkie Love

Jon Hartless author of Jack The Theorist, and The Vampire Project 

Karen Metcalf author of In The Storm 

King Starr author of The Hobbyist

Kristi Peterson Schoonover author of Bad Apple and This Poisoned Ground

Maggie Clark author of Children 

Natalie Bell author of Don’t Ask 

Nicholas J. Carter author of Jam Don’t Shake

Sarah-Jane Lehoux author of My Sanctuary

Steph Minns, author of The Tale of Storm Raven

Tamela Ritter author of From These Ashes 

Tim Dankanich author of Old Hag Syndrome