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Ink Stains: A Dark Fiction Anthology, Volume 14

After a two-year break forced upon us by the dreaded “C” word, Ink Stains: A Dark Fiction Literary Anthology is back!

We are proud to share our fourteenth edition, featuring twenty-four new dark tales by Steven Baker, Chad Barger, AJ Bartholomew, Andy Betz, Eddie Cantrell, C. Christine Fair, Dillon Hendrick, R.M. Linning, K.L. Lord, Kayleigh Marinelli, Matt McCain, Rachel Eve Moulton, A. A. Nour, Hannah O’Doom, Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar, Chris Parker, Rachel Racette, Elizabeth Rosen, Aaron Schmelzer, LM Therrien, A.G. Travers, Dominic Turnea, Rami Ungar, and Jeremy Wenisch.

These writers carry us on a journey from the absurd to the horrific to the heartbreaking. Within these pages, characters will face betrayal, sin, wickedness, and—perhaps most terrifying—themselves. Maybe you will even recognize a glimpse of yourself in their stories. Whether as the hero or villain—that is between you and your soul.

Trigger warnings: This anthology is not for the faint of heart nor those easily triggered by violence, sexual content, sexual assault, abuse, suicide, strong language, etc. This is a collection of dark stories. Reader discretion is advised.

Available in print and eBook at your favorite online bookstore.

What’s inside

“The Book of Pleasures” by R.M. Linning

“The Orchard in the Lake” by Dillon Hendrick

“Three Matches” by Kayleigh Marinelli

“Budget Wine Tour” Cassandra by O’Sullivan Sachar

“Retirement Blues” by Elizabeth Rosen

“Red Corvette” by Eddie Cantrell

“Now You Must Believe Me” by Dominic Turnea

“Mr. Creep” by Matt McCain

“Common Side Effects Include Lust and Fungus” by A. A. Nour

“Sanctuary” by Aaron Schmelzer

“Slitherin’ Egg Surprise” by Chad Barger

“Folded Reflections” by LM Therrien

“Greetings From Gold Atlas” by A.G. Travers

“After Action” by Chris Parker

“Two Can Keep a Secret” by AJ Bartholomew

“Capture” by Jeremy Wenisch

“Disillusionment and Trauma Sometimes Go Hand in Hand” by Rami Ungar

“Cicadas” by Hannah O’Doom

“The Necessary Cuts” by Rachel Eve Moulton

“The Patchwork Girl” by Steven Baker

“Dug Your Heart” by K.L. Lord

“Alexis” by Andy Betz “

The Stranger” by C. Christine Fair

“The Lantern and the Guard” by Rachel Racette

Book specs

“Ink Stains Vol. 14,”  October 4, 2022 by Dark Alley Press. ISBN: 978-1-946050-23-6. $19.95 trade paperback; $5.99 digital. 424 pages. Edited by N. Apythia Morges.

About Ink Stains

Ink Stains, a yearly anthology published by Dark Alley Press, is about shining a stark light on the shadows of life, exploring those dimly lit corridors, and unearthing those long-buried secrets. We don’t believe good will always triumph over evil or that someone will always be around to save the day. Sometimes all we have is ourselves. And the stories that keep us turning the page.