Ink Stains Vol. 6

Ink Stains Vol. 6

Available in print and eBook at your favorite online bookstore October 24, 2017

Crossing the Line.

In life, we draw many lines: between good and evil, guilt and innocence, real and unreal, life and death. And having drawn these lines, we cross them because humanity is curious, careless, devious, and, sometimes, downright wicked.

So what happens if you cross the line? Does it change you and what is waiting on the other side?

In Ink Stains, Volume 6, ten authors explore what it means to cross the line and the price we pay to do it. This is a collection of short stories that range from fantasy through science fiction to horror and from the fantastical to the grit of day to day life. Join writers Monica Carter, George Kelly, Alison Garsha, Ken Goldman, Elana Gomel, Christopher Locke, Morrison, Thomas Olbert, Evan Purcell, and Nicole Tanquary as they step over the line to find what waits on the other side.

What’s inside

“Playland” by Evan Purcell

“Grotesque” by Alison Garsha

“The Yellow Dog” by Christopher Locke

“And He Asked Why” by Morrison

“Death in Jerusalem” by Elana Gomel

“Something in the Way She Dies” by Ken Goldman

“Sylvester” by Nicole Tanquary

“Blood Rush High” by Thomas Olbert

“The King’s Viceroy” by Monica Carter

“A Sign of Death” by George Kelly

About Ink Stains

Ink Stains, a quarterly anthology published by Dark Alley Press, is about shining a stark light on the shadows of life, exploring those dimly lit corridors, and unearthing those long-buried secrets. We don’t believe good will always triumph over evil or that someone will always be around to save the day. Sometimes all we have is ourselves. And the stories that keep us turning the page.

Meet our Guest Editor

J.S.Watts is a U.K. writer. Born in London, she now lives and writes just outside of Cambridge. In between, she read English at Somerville College, Oxford and spent many years working in the British education sector.

Her poetry, short stories and book reviews appear in a variety of publications in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the States including Acumen, Envoi, Mslexia, and Popshot and have been broadcast on BBC and independent Radio. She has been Poetry Reviews Editor for Open Wide Magazine and Poetry Editor for Ethereal Tales.

J.S.’s debut poetry collection “Cats and Other Myths,” a multi-award nominated poetry pamphlet “Songs of Steelyard Sue,” and her latest collection “Years Ago You Coloured Me,” are published by Lapwing Publications. Her novels, A Darker Moon – dark literary fiction, and Witchlight – a paranormal tale with a touch of romance, are published by Vagabondage Press. For further details, see her website:

Book specs

“Ink Stains Vol. 6” released October 24, 2017 by Dark Alley Press. ISBN: 978-1-946050-06-9. $15.95 trade paperback; $2.99 digital. 224 pages. Guest Edited by J.S. Watts.