Submitting to Ink Stains

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Join our dysfunctional family. Ink Stains: A Dark Fiction Literary Anthology, a now-yearly literary journal filled with tales of dark fiction and horror from Dark Alley Press, is open for submissions through Submittable  February 1-April 30 yearly.

Submissions are open for pieces 3,000-20,0000 words that fall under DARK FICTION, including horror, gothic, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk, and black comedy. (Note: we are not looking for traditional thriller/mystery/crime/sci-fi pieces.)

Authors of acquired pieces for Ink Stains Anthology will receive a flat fee payment of $5 for stories 4,999 words and under, $10 for stories 5,000-9,999 words, $15 for stories 10,000-14,999 and $20 for 15,000-20,000 words. Authors may also buy copies of the anthology at cost. 

Exclusive worldwide English print and digital rights for one year are required. Previously published work will not be accepted if it is still available for purchase or is accessible online.

All submissions MUST include a plot summary, word count and author bio. Submissions without summaries or word count will be rejected unread. 

Do not submit more than one piece in the same submission.

Unsolicited submissions sent directly to our editors through email will not be read. All works must be submitted through Submittable.