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Dark Fiction

  • A Darker Moon  by J. S. Watts –  A mythical tale of the unlit places where it is best not to shine even the dimmest light
  • The Art of Raising Hell by Thomas Lopinski – Learning the difference between living life and being chased by it.
  • Birch Hills at World’s End by Geoff Hyatt – High School is war and no one survives without scars.
  • Candy & Cigarettes by CS deWildt – Being singled out in a small town can be deadly.
  • Cat and the Dreamer  by Annalisa Crawford – A survivor deals with the fallout of a suicide pact.
  • Children  by Maggie Clark – Not everything is as innocent as it seems.
  • Don’t Ask  by Natalie Bell – No one ever said becoming an adult was easy.
  • Facing The Furies  by Daniel DiStasio – It’s hurricane season, the weather isn’t the only thing in turmoil.
  • From These Ashes by Tamela Ritter – What does family mean when those of your blood are your undoing?
  • The Garden of Fragile Things by Richard J. O’Brien – Not all young boys get to come of age.
  • The Hobbyist by King Starr – Paying for sex can cost more than just money.
  • In The Storm  by Karen Metcalf – Escaping to survive sometimes only results in tragedy.
  • Jack The Theorist  by Jon Hartless – Sometimes the innocent get lost in in the conspiracy.
  • Junkie Love by Joe Clifford – Is there anything greater than an addict’s love of the high?
  • My Sanctuary by Sarah-Jane Lehoux – Not all sins can be forgiven with Hail Marys.
  • Ordinary Boy by Stacey Longo – Sometimes an extraordinary death interrupts an ordinary life.


  • Bad Apple by Kristi Peterson Schoonover – Not everything in the orchard is safe for a young girl to pick.
  • Jam Don’t Shake  by Nicholas J. Carter – What would you do to get your next fix?
  • Old Hag Syndrome by Tim Dankanich – What if your nightmares was really your reality?
  • The Tale of Storm Raven by Steph Minns – What would you do if someone you dated suddenly became someone else?
  • This Poisoned Ground  by Kristi Peterson Schoonover – Not all love is everlasting.
  • Wormfood Island by Ken La Salle – And you thought the worst thing zombies could do is bite you.

Black Comedy

  • Trouble Brewing by Paul Abercrombie – Just don’t ask about the secret ingredient.
  • Mort Morte by David Henry Sterry – Sometimes patricide is justified.


  • The Vampire Project by Jon Hartless – Sometimes there are no limits for the power hungry.
  • The Werewolf Project by John Hartless – The sequel to The Vampire Project