Ordinary Boy

By Stacey Longo

Ordinary Boy cover

Ordinary Boy by Stacey Longo from Dark Alley Press

My name is Curtis Price. Until my extraordinary death, I live an ordinary life in the poor side of town in Osprey Falls, Maine, with my mother and older sister. I am the boy that nobody sees. I’m ignored in the shadows of the hallway,  the kid that is
picked last in gym, the student that is never called on in class to answer the question. After a while, I stop bothering to raise my hand.

It is not until my stepfather shoots me that I am finally—finally—noticed.

Genre: Young Adult
Imprint: Dark Alley Press
Rating: 14+
Formats: US Trade Paperback / Digital
ISBN-13: 978-06923528231
Length: 178 pages / 58k
Published: March 2015

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