Trouble Brewing

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Trouble Brewing by Paul Abercrombie, published by Dark Alley Press

By Paul Abercrombie

With the help of his buddy, John, Preston scores a gig at the same struggling Tampa microbrewery where John and wunderkind brewer Waldie work. Preston soon replaces Waldie as brewmaster and devises a secret scheme to use the job to pry loose $5 million of his father’s inheritance.

His plan appears to hit a snag when, early one morning, Preston discovers a brewery security guard accidentally ground into hamburger by the milling machine. However, Preston’s not going to let this mishap derail things. He calls the one person he knows will help: good, old, dependable, easy-to-guilt, John, who reluctantly caves to Preston’s cover up. 

Things go fine until cheapskate brewery owner Harry enters the polluted batch of beer in a tasting contest…and it wins! 

Now Preston must devise a way to keep up the winning streak and get his money amid the scrutiny of more mysterious disappearances.

In Trouble Brewing, Abercrombie takes a satirical look at just how far some ambitious microbrewers are willing to go to make a name for themselves and their company. With tongue firmly in cheek, Abercrombie delves deftly into murder, blackmail, and cover ups, all fine ingredients for an award-winning ale, and a great read.

“Paul Abercrombie has a rare knack for taking a traditional murder story and weaving it with dark humor to produce a satire that makes you want to keep reading just to see how far he can push the boundaries of absurdity while remaining firmly in reality,” says Nanette Blake, head of acquisitions. “It’s a fine line, and in Trouble Brewing, Ambercrombie walks it flawlessly.”

Trouble Brewing by Paul Abercrombie is available in print and eBook formats wherever books are sold.

Genre: Crime Satire
Imprint: Dark Alley Press
Rating: 18+
ISBN-13: 9780692309582
Formats: US Trade Paperback / Digital
Length: 200 pages / 60k
Published: October 2014

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